About Us

An Empowered Youth is the one with critical thinking, conscious of the effects of their actions and inactions on themselves and others, guided by their senses in the application of common sense and conscience in their decision making.

This is the character image WEY has set out to bring out of our young ones.

WEY is all about putting a new meaning to “YOU” especially among the youth. It’s aimed at using natural principles to put life in the 2Cs, that is common sense and conscience among the youth.

One of our corner stones is the knowing that our inability to make the next generation better than us is an indication of failure on our part.

We are a reflection of the world we are living in. In line with this, our tested tools and practices help to ignite the sense of duty among all to be part of creating the world we want to live in.

As part of what we do, we hold a radio program every Saturday from 3 to 5pm GMT+1 called Youth Link. The program interviews and interacts with the youth to dive into their thought system and then guide them to be better managers of the world they are living in.

We have a team that are fully committed to helping create a world that will surely give the next being coming into the world a pleasant surprise.



The Future Is Now